• Regulations

1. The methods on selecting and reserving a seat:

(1)Library Seat Selection: Use your e-card to select a seat on the system terminal machine, and then take the seat according to its number.

(2) Online Seat Reservation: Log in “Reservation System” or “Juneberry Online” to book a seat for the next day. The user ID is "0000" + first 6 number of your campus E-card account, and the password are the same with “My Library”. Please confirm the use of the reserved seat by swiping your e-card on the System Terminal between 7:45 to 8:15 on the next day.

2. The reader who reserved the seat has the priority of using that particular seat. In case of disputes or problems, you may ask a library staff for assistance.

3. When you’re done using the seat, please make sure to swipe your e-card on the System Terminal (no need to swipe e-card after 21:00).

(1) If you take a short break away from your seat,you must swipe your e-card and select the “Temporary Leaving” status, the seat will be retained for 30 minutes. It can be retained for 90 minutes during lunch time (11: 00-12: 30), and retained for 60 minutes during dinner time (17: 00-18: 30). If the “Temporary Leaving” status is set by the administrator, the seat will only be retained for 20 minutes. You can continue to use the seat if you swipe e-card within the allotted time.

(2) If you take a long break away from your seat, please choose “Discharge Seat” status and leave it for the other readers to use.

4. An infraction will be recorded on the following violations:

(1) Using other reader’s e-card or account number to select a seat;

(2) Failure to swipe the e-card to confirm the use of reserved seat within the allotted time;

(3) Failure to choose “Discharge Seat” status after leaving;

(4) Failure to return and reconfirm the use of a seat within the allotted time after setting a “Temporary Leaving” status;

5. Readers will be blacklisted when they break the rules twice during non-examination period or once during examination period (the last four weeks of the first and second semester, according to the notification). A blacklisted reader will not be allowed to select or reserve a seat within 7 days. An additional punishment will be imposed on readers who have been blacklisted for more than three times in a semester. They will not be allowed to enter the library or select or reserve seats during the examination period of the following semester. Violation records will be cleared up during winter and summer vacations only.

6. Readers should maintain proper order inside the library and take care of their personal belongings. The items in the storage lockers will be removed periodically by librarians and will not be kept.

7. The seat management system rules can be adjusted during examination period. Readers will be blacklisted immediately if they break these rules even once, and will not be allowed to select or reserve seats within 7 days.

8. Only the valid readers in the library database are eligible to select or reserve seats.

9. These rules are effective beginning February 17, 2014.

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