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  • Welcome to Xiamen University Libraries. This Guide will help you navigate the library to find books and articles, study spaces, facilities, and different ways of getting in touch with librarians. We hope that you will find the guide useful in your library research and that you have an enjoyable experience using the Libraries.


    The Library consists of seven libraries, including Main Library, Dewang Library, Tan KahKee College Library, Economics & Business Library, Information & Engineering Library, Law Library, and Art Library.

    Library Cards

    Xiamen University registered students, faculty, instructors, lecturers and staffs use campus card as library card for borrowing materials and for access to libraries and other areas requiring a library card. All library privileges are required to have library card activated first.

    For inter-university exchange program students, library card will be activated automatically within one week after registration in XMU International Students'''' Affairs Division.

    For college-invited exchange students, a borrowing application form completely filled out, signed and sealed by the college, personnel ID/Passport along with campus card are required to activate campus card’s library privileges. The Service Counter of Main Library or Dewang Library is where users can activate campus card, and ask questions about borrowing privileges and responsibilities. Library privileges are not transferable. Only the individual named on the library card can use the card. For a downloadable borrowing application form, please visit http://library.xmu.edu.cn/portal-en/secondpage.asp?pid=5&sid=4772.

    Campus Library Location Hours
    Siming Campus Main Library Siming Campus 08:00-10:00
    Foreign Language Book Stacks 1st Floor, Main Library 08:00-11:40
    Department of Scholarly Materials 2nd Floor, Main Library 08:00-10:00
    Area Studies Library 3rd Floor, Main Library 08:00-10:00
    Art & Architecture Library 3rd Floor, Main Library 08:00-10:00
    Preservation Stacks 4th Floor, Main Library Monday-Friday
    Art Library 3rd Floor, Art School 08:00-10:00
    Economics & Business Library 1st Floor, College of Economics 08:00-10:00
    Information Engineering Library 1st Floor South, Classroom Building, Haiyun Dorm Area 08:00-10:00
    Law Library 4th Floor, Building B, Law School 08:00-10:00
    Xiang’an Campus Dewang Library Xiang''''an Campus 08:00-10:00
    University Depository 1st Floor, Dewang Library Monday–Friday

    Out of Staff Service on Wednesday Afternoon

    Checkout Limits, Loan Periods and Renew

    The chart below outlines the checkout limits, loan and renew periods which vary among locations. Renewals could be finished online by accessing "My Library" at

    Library Checkout Limits Loan Periods Renew Periods
    Main Stacks 40 items totally from above libraries 60 days Items may be renewed twice (30 days per renewal) no sooner than 10 days before the due date without recall.
    Once recalled, item due dates will be shortened to 22 days from the borrowing date, and item that has been kept more than 15 days should be returned within one week.
    New Books Area
    Foreign Language Book Stacks
    Information Engineering Library
    Dewang Library
    Tan KahKee College Library Items may be renewed once (30 days) no sooner than 10 days before the due date.
    Art & Architecture Library 30 items totally from above libraries 30 days Items may be renewed once (15 days) no sooner than 5 days before the due date.
    Economics & Business Library
    Law Library
    Art Library
    Preservation Stacks 20 items totally from above libraries 90 days Items may be renewed once (90 days) no sooner than 10 days before the due date.
    University Depository
    Area Studies Library 20 items totally from the library All material is subject to recall by another user. Once recalled, item due dates will be shortened to 22 days from the borrowing date, and item that has been kept more than 15 days should be returned within one week.

    Return materials to any library circulation desk during open hours, or to the outdoor book drops when libraries are closed. Materials damaged or incomplete should be brought immediately to the owning library circulation desk to discuss repair or replacement options that may be available.

    Fines and Fees

    For each overdue material, users will be charged RMB 0.2 per day. Borrowing privileges will be blocked until overdue items are returned and fines are paid. Paid overdue fines or replacement fees couldn’t be refunded. Overdue notices are a courtesy, sent to the email address provided in users’ library. Failure to receive a notice does not cancel obligations to pay fines or fees.

    Study Space

    Xiamen University Libraries offer the opportunity to make use of study seats at the majority of service locations. There are differences across the individual locations as to whether study seats should be reserved and booked in advance, or whether they are free to use on an ad hoc basis. Detailed seat management rules and step-by-step instructions could be found at http://library.xmu.edu.cn/portal-en/seatmanage.asp. Xiamen University Libraries also offer online booking service for group study rooms on the 2nd to 4th floor of Main Library through http://rooms.xmulib.org/en, and group study rooms on the 5th floor of Dewang Library through

    Print, Copy and Scan

    Xiamen University Libraries offer a campus-wide, cloud-based printing service, which allows users to send print requests to print-copy-scan machines located in the libraries. In order to print from personal device, download and install the correct print drivers. Machine locations and detailed instructions could be found at English version could be found by switching language icon on the up right side. Detailed instructions are also available in self-service printing, copying, and scanning area.

    Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

    All library locations offer free wireless access (Wi-Fi) in public areas at all times the libraries are open. Options for Wi-Fi access in the library include XMUNET+ and Eduroam. Use personal device''''s network utilities, and look for the network you would like to use. “XMUNET+” requires users to log in Student/Faculty Identification Number and password, which could be setup on the website of http://p.xmu.edu.cn. The advantage of using Eduroam over the other networks is that it can be used at other universities that are part of the Eduroam network.

    Off Campus Access

    Xiamen University students, faculty and staff may access Xiamen University Only materials via connecting from off campus through VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services. Step-by-step instructions and examples could be found at http://library.xmu.edu.cn/portal-en/proxy.asp. Before accessing licensed article databases, eBooks and eJournals off campus, make sure to read Conditions of Use and Licensing Restrictions for Electronic Resources. It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure their use of electronic resources does not breach the terms and conditions specified in the license agreements. Lists of digital library resources could be found on the website of http://library.xmu.edu.cn/portal-en/database.asp?language=eng.

    Interlibrary Loan Services and Fees

    Xiamen University Libraries is networked with libraries around the world to obtain materials that are not available. Interlibrary Borrowing assists Xiamen University students, faculty, and staff to obtain books, articles, and other materials not available in teaching, learning and research. Most libraries charge us for loaning materials and for delivering electronic files. We charge RMB 0.2 per page for photocopy or delivery in electronic formats of articles, proceeding `s\vl VE`s\vl Vsertations. For rare books scanning, each page fees range from RMB 2-15. For each printed book delivery, we charge users RMB 15.

    Campus Card Services

    The campus card integrates various functions, such as personal identification, system login and campus payment. In the event of a lost or card-locked, please visit one of the following service counters to report loss, reissue or unlock the campus card (Tel: 2183508).

    Student Affairs Hall, 1st floor, Jiageng 3 Building, Siming Campus

    General Service Counter, 2nd floor, Main Library, Siming Campus

    Information Engineering Library, Haiyun Dorm Area, Siming Campus

    Service Counter, 2nd floor, DeWang Library, Xiang’an Campus.

    Contact Us

    Homepage: http://library.xmu.edu.cn/portal-en

    Email: librarian@xmu.edu.cn

    Tel: 0592-2186616 (Siming Campus)

    0592-2886616 (Xiang’an Campus)

    Service on Line: http://library.xmu.edu.cn/Question/

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