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  • The service of holds and recalls aims to expedite the circulation of high-demand books. The online request may lead to a recall of the checked out items or place it on hold for another reader. The loan period will be shortened once a reader place a hold on an item, the borrower will then receive an email or SMS notification for a new due date of the recalled item. The borrower has to return the book before the new due date and the requester has the priority to borrow it. The trial policy is effective beginning September 18, 2017.

    1. Readers including faculty and staff (including Subsidiary unit), teacher recruited by a college, post-doctor, graduate student, under graduate student, exchange student, preparatory student, and overseas trainee.

    2. Policy will be trialed in Main Stacks, New Area of the Main Stacks, Foreign Books Stack, Information Engineering Library, Dewang Library, and Foreign Books Area of Dewang Library. The policy is not applicable for the Tan Kah-kee College Library, Law Library, Economics & Business Library, and Preservation Stacks.

    3. Rules and Requirements:
    The loan period of a book is 60 days. If nobody else reserves the book, it can be renewed twice and can be kept for another 60 days. Therefore, the total loan period is 120 days.
    Borrower will receive a recall notice via email or SMS once the loaned item is requested by another reader. A new due date will supersede all previous loan periods or due dates.
    1) If a book is borrowed less than 15 days, the borrower need to return the recalled item within 22 days from the date of lending.
    2) If a book is borrowed more than 15 days, the borrower need to return the recalled item within 7 days from the date of recall.
    3) Library materials must be returned on or before the new due date. Otherwise, an overdue fine of RMB 0.20/day will be charged. The reader’s record will also be blocked from further borrowing, renewals, or requests until all overdue items are returned and fines are settled.

    4. A maximum of 6 books can be reserved at same time.

    5. Once the item is available for pickup, the requester will receive email or SMS notifications, and will have 3 days to pick up the book from the desired pickup location. If a requester fails to pick up the book more than three times, he/she will not be allowed to hold or recall books within half a year.

    1. Readers must register the email and SMS service through “My Library” ( Readers need to check their email and SMS regularly to avoid overdue fines incurred or suspension of borrowing privilege.
    2. During the trial period, readers do not need to pay the fine for failing to return the recalled item on or before the new due date for the first time.

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